Maladaptive daydreaming: an addiction or an unhealthy coping mechanism?

Maladaptive daydreaming disorder has been described variously as a behavioural addiction, an unhealthy coping mechanism or a symptom of an underlying disorder. For your daydreaming to be considered maladaptive it must either cause significant distress or impair social, academic, occupational or other important areas of functioning. So, maladaptive daydreaming is harmful by definition (if yourContinue reading “Maladaptive daydreaming: an addiction or an unhealthy coping mechanism?”

Should I be concerned about my child’s daydreaming?

My earliest memories of daydreaming are from when I was four years old, but I think I’ve always been a daydreamer. I believe that all immersive and maladaptive daydreamers are born immersive daydreamers. In the beginning, our daydreaming isn’t harmful. But my daydreaming first became maladaptive when I was eight years old, so it’s definitelyContinue reading “Should I be concerned about my child’s daydreaming?”

The connection between daydreaming and music

This is a speculative post. I want to say that up front, because I’m unusual among daydreamers: music isn’t, and never has been, part of my daydreaming experience. In fact, I’ve often used music to pull me out of a daydream. When I need to stop daydreaming and focus on real life, listening to musicContinue reading “The connection between daydreaming and music”

So you’ve just found out there’s a name for this: now what?

Coming across the term maladaptive daydreaming disorder for the first time can be a light-bulb moment. Suddenly everything falls into place. You have a name for this thing you’ve been doing all your life, and, more importantly, you now know that other people do it too. But as the initial excitement subsides, you’re likely toContinue reading “So you’ve just found out there’s a name for this: now what?”

When does maladaptive daydreaming begin?

When you come across the term maladaptive daydreaming disorder for the first time and suddenly realise you aren’t alone and you’re not the only crazy person who has a whole fantasy life in their head, it’s natural to wonder why your brain is wired this way. When did it start? What caused it? And wasContinue reading “When does maladaptive daydreaming begin?”

Daydreaming triggers

Most of us have certain triggers that will throw us straight into a daydream without giving us time to decide whether we want to or not. If you want to have more control over your daydreams, or you want to cut down on the amount of time you spend daydreaming, you might be wondering whetherContinue reading “Daydreaming triggers”

What would you be most afraid of losing if you gave up daydreaming?

Maladaptive daydreamers often think that life would be better if they could stop daydreaming. I’m not convinced that it’s possible to stop completely, because our brains are wired to think in this way; we don’t have the same thought patterns as normative daydreamers. But there is another reason why many maladaptive daydreamers find it difficultContinue reading “What would you be most afraid of losing if you gave up daydreaming?”

Daydreaming to escape the discomfort of unmet needs

Although I currently classify myself as an immersive daydreamer, because I have reasonable control over my daydreaming and I’m using it as a force for good in my life, there have been times when my daydreaming has got out of control and become more maladaptive than immersive. If you’re constantly at the maladaptive end ofContinue reading “Daydreaming to escape the discomfort of unmet needs”

Understanding the root cause of maladaptive daydreaming

There are two components to Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder (MaDD) – firstly, you have an innate capacity for immersive daydreaming, and secondly you have lost control of that ability, such that your daydreaming has become an addictive behaviour that negatively affects your life. I have yet to come across anyone who explains addiction better than DrContinue reading “Understanding the root cause of maladaptive daydreaming”