Is immersive daydreaming a form of play, and why does that matter?

When we have insufficient play in our life as adults, we suffer tremendously. We get emotionally exhausted. Gordon Neufeld This post was inspired by an episode of the Family 360 podcast with Dr Gordon Neufeld. Dr Neufeld is a clinical psychologist specialising in child development, and he’s studied the importance of play in emotional developmentContinue reading “Is immersive daydreaming a form of play, and why does that matter?”

Why you can’t daydream when you need it most

Many of us, regardless of whether we’re immersive or maladaptive daydreamers, use daydreaming as a way to escape from painful emotions. When we feel overwhelmed, we check out of real life in favour of our daydream world, where everything is perfect and under our control. And used in moderation, this is no bad thing. DaydreamingContinue reading “Why you can’t daydream when you need it most”

Ten reasons I’m grateful for my daydreams

People who are suffering from maladaptive daydreaming disorder (MaDD) understandably become very focussed on the difficulties and problems associated with the condition, and rightly so. MaDD is an addictive behaviour that can negatively impact many areas of a person’s life and make it difficult to maintain a career or relationships. It is understandable, therefore, thatContinue reading “Ten reasons I’m grateful for my daydreams”