Does your name matter? And why I felt I had to change mine.

When I was a child, I used to daydream in third person. Back then, I didn’t like myself much, and I’ve often wondered whether I felt I didn’t deserve to be in my daydreams. In both real-life and the daydream world, I was an observer, not a participant. But even then, my daydreams always includedContinue reading “Does your name matter? And why I felt I had to change mine.”

Acknowledging the reality of your daydreams

It’s very easy to dismiss our daydreams as pure fantasy, and to draw a very firm distinction between the reality of our real life and the fiction of our daydream world. But it’s worth remembering that even though your daydream world only exists in your head, there are aspects of your daydreaming that reflect whoContinue reading “Acknowledging the reality of your daydreams”

The High 5 Habit, daydreamer style

I watched a video by Mel Robbins last week about her new book, The High 5 Habit and was inspired to sign up for The High 5 Challenge. So what exactly is the High 5 Habit, and how does it fit into a daydreamer’s lifestyle? The High 5 Habit is simply this: every morning whenContinue reading “The High 5 Habit, daydreamer style”

Do we become more authentic in our daydreams?

I have been listening to the excellent The Wisdom of Trauma this week – as I’ve mentioned before, I think Gabor Maté’s work on childhood trauma and addiction has a lot to teach us about why some people get sucked into maladaptive daydreaming at a young age. In an interview between Gabor Maté and StephenContinue reading “Do we become more authentic in our daydreams?”

Do daydreamers struggle to know who they really are?

This post follows on from an earlier post where I explored how becoming an idealised version of ourselves in our daydreams affects the skills and strengths we bring to our real life. But recently, I’ve also been reflecting on the potential problems of spending too much time being somebody different. Everyone, regardless of their daydreamingContinue reading “Do daydreamers struggle to know who they really are?”

Who are you in your daydreams and who are you in the real world?

Where do our alter egos come from? What shapes their personalities? Are they just an embodiment of our mental wish-list, or do they tell us something more profound about ourselves? This post is especially relevant to those of us who become an “idealised version” of ourselves when we daydream. But even if you remain yourselfContinue reading “Who are you in your daydreams and who are you in the real world?”