Coaching is a process of empowerment that enables you to live your best life. Coaching can help you achieve your dreams, increase your confidence and become the best version of your authentic self. In the course of working with a coach, you’ll gain clarity about what’s really important to you and develop an understanding of how your unique strengths set you up for success. You’ll then be able to plot a path forward that is fun, motivating, achievable and absolutely right for you.

Everyone is born with the potential to succeed in life, but for many of us, somewhere along the way, that potential gets hidden. Coaching can help you rediscover and tap into your true potential. Immersive and maladaptive daydreamers have a head start when it comes to coaching, because for many of us, that potential hasn’t been entirely lost – it’s alive and well in the idealised worlds of our daydreams.

[Note: Coaching isn’t therapy. If you are a maladaptive daydreamer looking to break free from a severe daydreaming addiction, or if your daydreaming is a coping mechanism to help you manage or escape from a past trauma that you haven’t fully addressed, then you probably need therapy rather than coaching. But if you’re (mostly) in control of your daydreaming and want to move forward in your life, coaching could be for you.]

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