Don’t fight the wrong battle

As long as you keep secrets and suppress information, you are fundamentally at war with yourself. Bessel A. van der Kolk Bessel van der Kolk’s words are particularly relevant to daydreamers. For all the harm that maladaptive daydreaming can do, it’s important to remember that all maladaptive daydreamers were born immersive daydreamers. Our daydreaming isContinue reading “Don’t fight the wrong battle”

Do we become more authentic in our daydreams?

I have been listening to the excellent The Wisdom of Trauma this week – as I’ve mentioned before, I think Gabor Maté’s work on childhood trauma and addiction has a lot to teach us about why some people get sucked into maladaptive daydreaming at a young age. In an interview between Gabor Maté and StephenContinue reading “Do we become more authentic in our daydreams?”

Ten reasons I’m grateful for my daydreams

People who are suffering from maladaptive daydreaming disorder (MaDD) understandably become very focussed on the difficulties and problems associated with the condition, and rightly so. MaDD is an addictive behaviour that can negatively impact many areas of a person’s life and make it difficult to maintain a career or relationships. It is understandable, therefore, thatContinue reading “Ten reasons I’m grateful for my daydreams”

Do daydreamers struggle to know who they really are?

This post follows on from an earlier post where I explored how becoming an idealised version of ourselves in our daydreams affects the skills and strengths we bring to our real life. But recently, I’ve also been reflecting on the potential problems of spending too much time being somebody different. Everyone, regardless of their daydreamingContinue reading “Do daydreamers struggle to know who they really are?”