How to resist the urge to daydream

Whether you’re a maladaptive daydreamer who wants to stop or cut down on your daydreaming, or an immersive daydreamer who needs to push the daydreaming aside for a couple of hours while you attend to real life, we all have times when we really want to daydream but shouldn’t. So what do you do whenContinue reading “How to resist the urge to daydream”

Nine other reasons to get your maladaptive daydreaming under control

If you’re struggling with maladaptive daydreaming disorder, you already know how much time your daydreaming is stealing from you. It’s not unusual for maladaptive daydreamers to spend upwards of four hours a day lost in fantasy. That’s more than a whole day every week, or two months out of every year. If you’re a maladaptiveContinue reading “Nine other reasons to get your maladaptive daydreaming under control”