Why maladaptive daydreamers can struggle with real-life friendships

Many of us retreated into our imaginary worlds because we were lonely. But it can also work the other way. In addition to loneliness triggering maladaptive daydreaming, maladaptive daydreaming can make it more difficult to make and sustain real-life friendships, leading to us becoming isolated and lonely. There are several reasons why maladaptive daydreaming canContinue reading “Why maladaptive daydreamers can struggle with real-life friendships”

Real-life friends and imaginary friends

Life can be a lonely journey if we don’t have at least a few good friends to accompany us along the way. I’ve been lucky enough to make some good friends during each of the major phases of my life – people who tolerate my inconsistency, disorganisation and long periods of silence. I am gratefulContinue reading “Real-life friends and imaginary friends”