Different styles of daydreaming – it’s not all about the paracosm

Immersive daydreaming is often described as vivid fantastical daydreaming that involves a detailed imaginary world, a complex plot and a cast of lifelike characters. Even if your daydreams are fairly realistic, involving people you actually know, all of those elements are probably there; you’re just drawing heavily on your real life for inspiration. Immersive daydreamingContinue reading “Different styles of daydreaming – it’s not all about the paracosm”

Do you ever grow out of maladaptive daydreaming?

If you’ve been struggling with maladaptive daydreaming disorder for a number of years, especially if those struggles have impacted your education, career and relationships, you’re probably wondering whether maladaptive daydreaming ever goes away. Is healing possible? Can you just grow out of maladaptive daydreaming disorder? It’s a complicated question. First of all, we need toContinue reading “Do you ever grow out of maladaptive daydreaming?”