Different styles of daydreaming – it’s not all about the paracosm

Immersive daydreaming is often described as vivid fantastical daydreaming that involves a detailed imaginary world, a complex plot and a cast of lifelike characters. Even if your daydreams are fairly realistic, involving people you actually know, all of those elements are probably there; you’re just drawing heavily on your real life for inspiration. Immersive daydreamingContinue reading “Different styles of daydreaming – it’s not all about the paracosm”

Are many novelists immersive daydreamers?

When I was a teenager, I assumed that one day I would be a famous novelist. It seemed obvious to me that since I spent so much of my time crafting these detailed stories in my head, I would eventually build my career around it. Many daydreamers feel the same way. As our plots becomeContinue reading “Are many novelists immersive daydreamers?”