Moving forward when the future is uncertain or out of your control

Do you ever think that everything will be OK when you get a new job/your crush notices you/you have time/conditions are perfect, etc? I think we daydreamers do this a lot. In our daydream worlds, we can make everything perfect. We can control everything. So when confronted with a real-life situation that’s outside our control,Continue reading “Moving forward when the future is uncertain or out of your control”

Perfect doesn’t exist in real life

In real life, there’s no such thing as perfect. Normative daydreamers figure this out early on, but immersive and maladaptive daydreamers have a much harder time of it. Having total control over our daydream world means that we can make it perfect, and many of us do. I don’t think there’s a problem with that,Continue reading “Perfect doesn’t exist in real life”