Does your name matter? And why I felt I had to change mine.

When I was a child, I used to daydream in third person. Back then, I didn’t like myself much, and I’ve often wondered whether I felt I didn’t deserve to be in my daydreams. In both real-life and the daydream world, I was an observer, not a participant. But even then, my daydreams always includedContinue reading “Does your name matter? And why I felt I had to change mine.”

The beginning of chapter two

It’s been a transformative few months. In the middle of October I had a mental breakdown. It had nothing to do with being a daydreamer. I’d been trying to struggle on through lockdown-induced burnout, pressures at work and a complicated family situation for far too long. Everyone has their breaking point, and I found mine.Continue reading “The beginning of chapter two”

Signing off for a while – a daydreamer’s personal journey

This is going to be a much more personal post than I’m used to writing. And it may not even make much sense. I’m finding it hard to string a coherent thought together at the moment, but I wanted to write this because I may not post again for a while. Daydreaming has been myContinue reading “Signing off for a while – a daydreamer’s personal journey”