Validation: what it is and how to get it

It’s very common to daydream about success. It can show up in different ways; we might daydream about being the natural leader of our friendship group, making a breakthrough that wins us a prestigious award, rescuing someone from certain death, or saving the world from some impending crisis. Whatever the plot, what we’re really lookingContinue reading “Validation: what it is and how to get it”

Can you have a healthy relationship with someone who only exists in your head?

A fundamental part of the way we daydream is that we make up characters. They might be completely fictional, brought in when the plot line requires them, or they might be based on someone we know or wish we knew. If these characters stick around for any length of time, it’s likely we’ll become emotionallyContinue reading “Can you have a healthy relationship with someone who only exists in your head?”

Moving forward when the future is uncertain or out of your control

Do you ever think that everything will be OK when you get a new job/your crush notices you/you have time/conditions are perfect, etc? I think we daydreamers do this a lot. In our daydream worlds, we can make everything perfect. We can control everything. So when confronted with a real-life situation that’s outside our control,Continue reading “Moving forward when the future is uncertain or out of your control”

Using your daydreaming to resolve your real-life conflicts

We daydreamers tend to be impulsive. In our daydreams, we’re used to getting exactly what we want the moment we want it, which does little to develop our patience. Also, we can control the outcome of every situation, so we don’t automatically think through the possible consequences of something not going to plan. In ourContinue reading “Using your daydreaming to resolve your real-life conflicts”

Ten reasons I’m grateful for my daydreams

People who are suffering from maladaptive daydreaming disorder (MaDD) understandably become very focussed on the difficulties and problems associated with the condition, and rightly so. MaDD is an addictive behaviour that can negatively impact many areas of a person’s life and make it difficult to maintain a career or relationships. It is understandable, therefore, thatContinue reading “Ten reasons I’m grateful for my daydreams”